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Dream Lab for Teens

In partnership with Learn with Leaders
Coming in 2024

Your dream. Your passion. Your future.

Our transformative methodology empowers teens to define their personal purpose, create a vision for the future, and build the confidence to pursue their dreams. We deliver this program with our global education partner, Learn with Leaders, based in New Delhi, India, to students around the world.

Dream Lab is an international, inclusive, and FUN learning experience that empowers young people to uncover their true identities while creating a vision for their future. This unconventional career certification program builds leadership and boosts confidence.

Students who complete this self-discovery program report higher self-esteem and clarity about their personal purpose. They also demonstrate foundational skills in compassionate leadership.

The goal is to help young people stay mentally healthy and confidently create the career and future they want for themselves and the world.

  • Six weekly sessions
  • Online
  • Ages: 13-18
  • Requirements:  computer/phone/tabletwith reliable internet connection, and web cam


Dream Lab for Teens Testimonial: 

My journey through the Dream Lab Program and the transformative power of the Donnellan Method has forever changed the trajectory of my life. Engaging in journaling, visualization exercises, and moments of profound self-reflection, I embarked on a sacred exploration of my own life and career. The gentle yet powerful self-discovery process unveiled hidden truths, nurturing my personal growth and facilitating tangible progress with each passing week. With gratitude and renewed purpose, I stand as a beacon of compassionate leadership, ready to inspire and empower others to embark on their own sacred odyssey of self-discovery, purpose, and profound transformation.

-Kamil Khalil Alvi

Saumya Shinde, India

If you do the work, you'll become aware of your goals, gain the courage to dream bigger, and build a community of global friends.Before the program, I was confused about how to carve my path. But now, I feel more prepared and energized for my future!

Seokhyun (Nathan) Baek, South Korea

Before joining the Dream Lab, anxiety clouded my future and passion. However, the program welcomed me arms-wide-opened to a safe space where I unleashed my visions. Dream Lab was a stepping stone toward personal discovery and light bulb moments. 

Lab Leader: Laurel Donnellan 

Founder and CEO |Podcaster| Leadership Contributor at

Laurel is a compassionate leadership and career change expert who has dedicated the last thirty years to researching, developing, and validating change models that help people find work they love and help organizations provide loveable work.

Passion Building

We connect young leaders with experienced faculty and other students across the globe. Participants expand their dream by exploring new interests, developing networks, and taking ideas to the next level.

Participants have an opportunity to present their dreams through personal projects at a Dream Show and will compete to be featured on and our podcast.


Lab Leader: Tracy Goodsel

Chief Operations Officer |Two-Time Certified Life Coach|Career Development Thought Leader

Tracy is a two-time certified life coach focusing on teens and young adults. Her passion is to help these individuals discover and cultivate self-compassion, confidence, and resilience to begin building a life that they love.

Education Clients 

Dream Lab includes:

  • Six sessions of interactive group coaching, compassionate leader guest speakers and experiential learning, 90 minutes each
  • Twelve Donnellan Method program guides, including exercises and personal journaling
  • Assignment to a learning partner from another country for support and community building
  • Group world service project
  • Access to coaches and participants between sessions
  • Personal dream work project presented at a Dream Show
  • Certificate of completion from Learn with Leaders and Compassionate Leaders Circle
  • Personalized recommendation letters from Compassionate Leaders Circle facilitators 
  • Opportunity to compete for three slots of special recognition that includes being featured at and our podcast

University of Denver business students share their experience

"We learned a lot about ourselves, our community, and our goals."

"I realized that I do know what my goals and vision are. I've just been too afraid to put it into words or take the time to write it down."


The Dream Lab Approach

Participants who complete this program are able to answer three crucial questions:

  1. What is my dream for work and life?
  2. What is my plan for making it a reality?
  3. How can I become a compassionate leader as a pursue my dream?

Program Outcomes

From confusion to clarity. From self-doubt to confidence.

  • Personal Dream Work Project that can be used to support job and/or school applications
  • Group World Compassion Leadership Project that can be used to support job and/or school applications
  • A comprehensive action plan for school, work, relationships, and health
  • New friends who know and support your vision
  • Clear life/career goals and more confidence
  • Dream Certificate from Learn with Leaders and Compassionate Leaders Circle
  • Letters of Recommendation from Compassionate Leaders Circle facilitators 

The World Compassion Project

Our approach results in student-led projects. Dream Books was created by our participants as part of an international class created in partnership with Learn with Leaders in the fall of 2021.  Fifty percent of all proceeds from book sales are donated to Save the Children.

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The Podcast

Learn about our inaugural program that had 39 high school students from 9 countries and hear six final Soul Work presentations from the participants who were chosen by their peers to represent the class.

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