The Compassionate Leaders Program

Program starts February 4th, 2022

Career planning for high school students

The Future Leaders program helps high school students envision their dream careers. 

Based on the Donnellan Method's 12 principles, this program guides students to identify their passions, define their core values, imagine possible careers, and start taking steps toward their ideal future.

In collaboration with Learn with Leaders

The potential to learn for a middle and high school student is limitless. Connecting young learners with experienced faculty, well-known thought leaders, and college students globally, Learn with Leaders hopes to make your dream bigger - by exploring new interests, developing global networks, and taking your ideas, creativity, and passion to the next level.

By the end of this eight-week course, you will have:

1. Identified a new vision for purposeful work that fits your talent, personality, and values.

2. Created a practical project related to your dream work designed to create momentum, which will be published on Amazon.

3. Built your conīŦdence, resilience, and clarity.

4. Traveled this lightened, heart-centered, and soulful journey, learning techniques to reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

5. Developed a comprehensive and practical plan for making your new career path a reality.

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