Lead with Love

91% of leaders surveyed say compassion is very important for leadership and 80% say they want to enhance their compassion but don’t know how.


Hear what one student has to say about the benefits of our Lead with Love program.

Key benefits you'll get from this course:

  • Tools for creating a sustainable and remarkable work culture
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, overwhelm
  • Improved communication skills and emotional intelligence
  • Ability to organize your priorities and relationships
  • Ownership of personal and professional ethics
  • An ability to better use compassion and self-compassion as a leader
  • Mastery of the proven Donnellan Leadership Method principles and practices

Learn to practice self-compassion and compassion for others in your role as a leader.

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Organizational Solutions

Help your employees thrive with a customized program that will bring emotional intelligence, empathy, and improved communication skills to your team.

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Group Solutions

Join a community of compassionate professionals like you who are learning to lead with love. Check out the Compassionate Leaders Circle Online Summer Retreat, August 10th-12th.

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Personalized Solutions

Hone your compassionate leadership skills with a customized learning plan so you can find greater fulfillment across all aspects of your life, not just your career.

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Katelyn Johnson
Mission-driven Thought Leader

“Laurel is an intuitive coach who is able to help her clients dig deep within themselves to build the careers and lives that bring them the most joy. My work with Laurel helped me define my professional values, organize my dreams into actionable plans, and encouraged me to bring my whole self to any work that I do. Laurel is supportive, direct, and able to help her clients make their dreams a reality.”

Jamie Joshua, Esq.
Director, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

“[CLC]'s ‘Be a Remarkable Leader’ program was a good fit for the Cornell College of Business staff.... Participants were comfortable sharing their own thoughts and feelings and were willing to engage in the content intentionally. The feedback survey shows that the information was well received. I look forward to partnering together again.”

Dr. Ruthann Russo
TEDx Speaker, and Sustainable Self-care Programs and Trainings

“I have worked with Laurel as an executive and life coach as well as a trusted advisor. Not only is she creative, caring, and highly skilled at navigating her coaches through major life changes, her knowledge of entrepreneurialism, business development, marketing, and product development is impressive! She is a selfless guide who brings out the best in her clients.”

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