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Pivot with Purpose

For individuals to navigate purposeful personal and career transitions by accessing self-knowledge and translating it into action.

Lead with Love

For leaders and teams to develop the skills needed to unleash the power of compassion at work through the Donnellan Leadership Method.

Coach with Courage

For leaders and mentors to cultivate compassionate coaching skills through evidence-based techniques that support and accelerate stakeholder change.

Why Compassion? 

  • Companies with purpose & corporate social responsibility outperform S&P 500 peers by 8X *
  • 88% of millennials look for employers with corporate social responsibility values *
  • Compassion positively impacts productivity, employee and customer retention, profitability, and financial performance **
  • Compassion supports strategic advantage in innovation, service quality, collaboration, retaining talented people, employee and customer engagement, and adaptability to change **
  • 91% of leaders surveyed say compassion is very important for leadership and 80% say they want to enhance their compassion but don’t know how ***
*     The Rise of Social Enterprise – Deloitte 2018
**   Awakening Compassion at Work: The Quiet Power that Elevates People and Organizations by Monica C. Worline and Jane E. Dutton, 2017
*** Harvard Business Review: Power Can Corrupt Leaders, Compassion Can Save Them, February 2018

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We are partnering with Manifest Escapes to bring you a four-day corporate leadership retreat for leaders and teams in beautiful Aspen, Colorado.

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