Private CLC Coach Certification

What is Compassionate Coaching?

Our unique program integrates a proven coaching methodology (which we have been practicing for over two decades) with evidence-based coaching and contemplative practices to enhance your confidence and skills from the inside out.

The Donnellan Coaching Method

Our proprietary approach provides a system to develop compassion at three levels:

  1. The Center: Compassion - This proven methodology provides the wisdom and science that is at the core of our system. Compassion leads to more interconnectedness.
  2. The Circle of Practice: Love, Gratitude, Intuition, Discernment - These four values-driven practices help coaches access and amplify compassion for others, including their clients. Mastering these skills leads to creating sacred space, providing a trusted, safe and productive environment for coaching.
  3. The Circle of Mastery: Skillful Questions, Support, Silence, Structure -  Coaches learn to expertly select and sequence these four elements in every session to ensure depth, personalization, and effectiveness. Ultimately, this part of the framework brings more service to world as clients put their visions and compassion into action.

This program includes:

  • 8 Hours of Live Coaching and Supervision with our Founder, Laurel Donnellan
  • Demonstration & Practice Demonstrations
  • Customized Coaching Manual and curriculum to meet your needs
  • Private Linkedin Community to connect to and learn from other Compassionate Coaching practitioners
  • Coaching and Business Q&A, Tips, Tricks & Resources
  • Top 145 Skillful Questions
  • Inside the Session - four exclusive videos of your Master Coach conducting four 30-minute coaching conversations
  • Completion Certificate for Compassionate Coaching Level I: Professional
  • Option to take Level II: Advanced and then, Level III: Mastery

Eight-Week Online One to One Course Curriculum

This program puts compassion into action

Our mission is to help you clarify and activate your heart-centered vision through cultivating compassion. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, the relationships you have with clients or stakeholders, and how to lead others to a deeper purpose and bring your genius into the world with a defined plan of action.

Compassionate Coaching will help your clients:

  • Lead with love
  • Collaborate with courage
  • Unleash the innate creative genius
  • Create a clear path to the desired future
  • Overcome overwhelm
  • Get unstuck and into action
  • Share authentic gifts
  • Become more grateful, joyful, and present
  • Apply the Donnellan Methods to career and leadership development

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