Compassionate Leaders Circle Online Summer Retreat

August 10th-12th, 2021
12:00 PM EST


Are you ready to be a remarkable leader?

Gain the right tools to be your best! Join this community dedicated to leading with love.


You'll get access to:

  • Pre- and post-assessments to identify strengths, challenges and measure your progress
  • Three 90-minute live online group experiences
  • Private online community
  • Expert tips, tricks, resources, and advice
  • Companion workbook
  • Class videos available for missed sessions and a library of tools that will be accessible to you forever

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In this retreat, you will:

  • Learn the power of compassion at work
  • Gain tools for creating a sustainable and remarkable work culture
  • Experience reduced stress, anxiety, overwhelm
  • Improve communication skills and emotional intelligence
  • Organize priorities and relationships
  • Develop personal and professional purpose
  • Understand and use compassion, vulnerability and self-compassion as a leader
  • Master the proven Donnellan Leadership Method practices

Our approach:

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  • Why Compassion – The Sages and the Science
  • Customized personal and professional learning objectives
  • Overview of the Donnellan Leadership Method and The 7Cs
  • Logistics, materials and resources
  • Completion requirements
  • Assignments
  • Assignments and progress review
  • Learn a new language for Compassionate Leadership
  • Identify how to develop a deeper sense calm through personal practices
  • Pause and retrace your history so you can learn from your past
  • Create a better mindset for change
  • Assignments and progress review
  • Identify ways to strengthen your and your team’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health
  • Expand and improve your ability to create authentic relationships with your stakeholders
  • Explore sustainability practices for you, your team and your organization
  • Identify and develop the passions and talents of your stakeholders
  • Your vision for being a more compassionate leader and a compassion commitment plan

Meet your faculty

Laurel Donnellan, Lead Facilitator

As the founder of Compassionate Leaders Circle, Laurel has spent 20 years developing and validating her career transformation method that is the foundation for Cornell’s Pivot with Purpose Program. She has published several books including Born To Do: The Practical Guide To Loving Your Work, has been featured on NPR and is a contributor at where she writes about Compassionate Leadership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our approach for a career change has been applied with thousands of successful clients since 2004 and our method is:

  • Creative – We approach careers and life chapters from the inside out
  • Holistic– Addresses personal and professional challenges and goals
  • Integrative – Blends evidence-based curriculum, coaching and contemplative practices
  • Adaptive – Supports career/job changers, professional coaches and leaders through transitions, change and development
  • Flexible – Programs are customized to the needs of our clients to accommodate technology and communication preferences, learning style and scheduling restraints

The class will run for 3 days, August 10th, 11th, and 12th at 12:00 pm ET/9:00 am PT each day.  The program is broadcast live through Zoom.  Participants will be able to review videos of classes if they miss a live class or choose to work at their own pace as an option instead of attending live.

Class materials, discussions and homework will be posted each week on the Private LinkedIn group. You are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible, but you will also reap the benefits of the class if you listen to the recordings and do the assignments in your own time.

The course itself provides many opportunities to interact with Laurel including the weekly class sessions and the private community.  Private coaching is an option at an additional cost.

There are three class sessions, 90 minutes each, for a total of 4.5 hours of group class time.

If you want to develop these compassionate leadership skills, this program is for you, because it will help you:

1. Balance conviction with humility.

2. Take actions that prioritize people, the planet and righting social justice wrongs.

3. Build compassionate cultures as a sound moral and economic strategy.

4. Spend time connecting with stakeholders in way that is loving and authentic.

5. Make decisions that honor the struggles and successes of past generations while striving to create a stronger foundation for future generations.

Yes, you will be able to access the materials and recordings through the private community.


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