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 Coach Lab 

Compassionate coaching skills for your practice.

A Proven Methodology

Our unique program integrates a coaching methodology, that we have been perfecting for more than two decades, with evidence-based coaching and contemplative practices to enhance your confidence and skills from the inside out.

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Coach Lab Testimonial

Check out one student's experience with our evidence-based facilitation program.

Key benefits you'll get from this lab:

  • Facilitate effective and transformative group or private coaching sessions
  • Grow your effectiveness as a leader or coach
  • Be ready to serve others in a deeper way
  • Master a new approach to coaching that balances self-compassion and compassion for others
  • Use our method with employees, clients, peers or other stakeholders to accelerate change while reducing stress

Compassion at the Center: This proven methodology provides the wisdom and science that is at the core of our system. Compassion leads to more interconnectedness.

Circle of Practice: Love, Gratitude, Intuition, Discernment  These values-driven practices help coaches access and amplify compassion for others. Mastering these skills leads to creating a sacred space that is safe and productive for coaching.

Circle of Mastery: Skillful Questions, Support, Silence, Structure – Coaches learn to expertly sequence these elements in every session to ensure depth, personalization, and effectiveness. This framework allows clients to put their visions and compassion into action.

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships, and how to lead others to a deeper purpose with a defined action plan.

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Aurelia Chaudagne
Life and Career Coach in Paris, France

“Laurel creates a warm and safe atmosphere in the group. Overall, I had a great experience: I felt inspired, acquired new tools, and practiced new skills I used to develop both professionally and personally.”

Karen Radtke
Senior Level Culture Consultant, Team & Leadership Coach

“If I get off track in pursuit of manifesting the career of my dreams, Laurel reminds me of what I care most about so I can get refocused. She offers a valuable and trusted resource that offers a structured and inspired approach for those times when it is time for a career shift.”

Martel Catalano
Co-Founder of the non-profit organization Beyond My Battle

“This program shines a bright light on what it means to educate yoga teachers on the things that are often overlooked during a yoga teacher training. This was a great resource to me along my journey of defining and refining my personal and professional goals.”

Work on Your Schedule

These programs can be customized for your organization or done in a one-to-one format.

Leave with New Skills and Confidence 

This program is designed to help you develop new skills, whether you are a leader,  professional coach sharpening your craft or new to the profession. 

An Inter-Generational Global Coaching Community

This program is for adults who have mentoring, teaching, coaching, or leading experience and young adults who have successfully completed a CLC program. 

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