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For thousands of years, the sages have known that compassion is a powerful force for good. In the last two decades, scholars caught up with these sages, proving an ROI to building loving communities and businesses.

As a collective of compassionate leaders, creators, and coaches, we provide customized, 1-on-1, or on-demand learning labs for individuals and organizations.

Our Purpose

We celebrate and guide leaders who build compassionate workplaces and individuals who seek meaningful work.

The Compassionate

Leaders Circle Awards 2024


Check out our 2024 Honorees and their amazing stories!


The 4th annual Compassionate Leaders Circle Awards ceremony has come to a close. Each year we highlight a select number of compassionate leaders who are inspiring those around them. We share their story and honor their work. View our Awards homepage to learn more about our honorees from 2024 and previous years.

Thank you for your nominations, and we look forward to seeing you in 2025! 

2024 Honorees

We create media content and learning labs that inspire personal epiphanies and positive change.

We offer services designed for individuals or customized for organizations. You can also learn from our team on our Podcast and on Forbes, where our Founder, Laurel Donnellan, writes about Compassionate Leadership. Every year, we host the CLC Awards, recognizing individuals worldwide who lead with love.
What is our Vision? We see a world where leading with love is the path to positive change, peace, and prosperity for all.
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Proven Methodologies, Customized Programs

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NEW: Dream Lab Self-Paced

The program that has helped hundreds pursue meaningful work and live fulfilling lives is now available in a self-paced format! Are you ready to pursue your dream career? This transformational program will guide you to learn from your past, make peace with the present, and take powerful steps toward your vision for the future.You will gain tools that will propel you toward work, and a life, that you love. 

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"Our leaders were empowered to develop a new get from sympathy to empathy and ultimately, to compassion.

Cynthia Saunders-Cheatham

Assistant Dean of Career Management at Cornell University

"I highly recommend Compassionate Leaders Circle to anyone looking to pursue their ‘soul work’ and follow their dreams." 

Crystal Kadakia

Future of Work & Millennial TEDx Speaker. MSOD. Organization Development Consultant. 

"Compassionate Leaders Circle truly helped our graduating seniors identify what's important to them and what career path they want to pursue."

Dr. David Corsun

Director & Associate Professor, College of Business, University of Denver

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We write the only ongoing featured column about compassionate leadership on Since starting our column in January 2019, Compassionate Leaders Circle content has had over 200,000 reads.

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Welcome to the Compassionate Leaders Circle podcast where we feature compassionate leaders who positively impact their communities, lead with love, and drive change in the world. 

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