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Listen in and learn to lead with love.

For thousands of years, the sages have known that compassion is a powerful force for good. In the last two decades, compassion scholars caught up with these sages, providing an ROI to building loving communities and businesses.

This podcast features leaders who positively impact their communities and the world and can teach us about the power of compassion.

Ep 31: The Second Annual Compassionate Leaders Circle With Our 2022 Honorees Feb 19, 2022
Every year we honor a select group of individuals who embody compassionate leadership.

In the 2022 Compassionate Leaders Circle Awards, we...
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Ep. 30: Enriching The Lives Of Their People with Gar Grannell & Alicia Kirkby Feb 17, 2022
"Profit is just a means to an end." Listen to the CEO and Chief People Officer of a fast-growing logistics company discuss their corporate mission...
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Ep. 29: Embrace Hope For The Future With Gunjan Aggarwal, Founder And CEO At Learn With Leaders Dec 17, 2021

Meet Gunjan Aggarwal, a brilliant education disruptor based in India, who we partner with to provide a Compassionate Leadership program for future...

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Ep. 28: Learn When The Hospitality Industry Will Be in 2031 With David Corsun And The Class of 2022 Dec 15, 2021

Each fall, we partner with The Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management at the University of Denver to provide their seniors with a Pivot...

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Ep. 27: Disrupt The Business of Healing With The Partners of Start Up Recovery Dec 10, 2021

Learn how compassionate leaders with a passion for helping people recover from addictions have created a bold new approach. Jeffrey Vann, Gregg...

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