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At CLC Films, we create video assets that highlight and promote the work and cultures of Compassionate Companies.

With compassion guiding our process and a team of talented filmmakers, we give you a unique filming experience.

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Case Study: Mohawk Global

Mohawk Global is a company rooted in compassion. In 2023, they were listed as one of the Top Medium Workplaces out of the 210,000 companies considered. We worked with their team to create films that showcase their incredible culture, teams, leadership, and story. Watch the videos we created below.

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Onboarding Film:

The purpose of this film was to welcome new hires to the Mohawk family, help them know what to expect, give them an overview of what the company does as a whole, and introduce them to their unique culture. 

We enjoyed interviewing several people from Mohawk to capture their thoughts and experiences.

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Recruiting Film:

Mohawk Global puts their people first, and that's what we capture in this film. We not only showed what the company does, but how the leadership invests in their employees. We showed what new hires could expect in their experience at Mohawk.

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Marketing Film:

This film was made to showcase Mohawk Global's mission to enrich, care, and deliver. The goal was to convey that their culture of care and compassion amongst their company translates into incredible customer service.

To create these films, our team conducted interviews, filmed scenes in their offices, and captured scenic shots that highlight the supply chain management that their company does.

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