Dream Lab

It's time to pivot with purpose.

Dream Lab is a transformational self-discovery program that will clarify your purpose and guide you to your personal soul work.

Our proven methodology has helped thousands of people pursue meaningful work and live more fulfilling lives.

You worked hard to build your career. 
But work leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled.

You want to do work that matters. And you also want to get paid.

You want hobbies, good health, and happy relationships. But those are hard to achieve when work leaves you frustrated and depleted.

You want to figure out what's next. But it feels too late to make a change.

It's time to love your work.

You deserve a life path that reflects the truest expression of your spirit. We’ll help you find that path and create lovable work.

"It's my goal to end work-related misery."

Dream Lab creator, career satisfaction expert and Forbes.com contributor Laurel Donnellan envisions a future where every person pursues their unique "soul work" and lives a healthy, fulfilling life.

Laurel combined her own experience as an HR executive with academic research and ancient wisdom to develop a change model that has helped thousands of people find lovable work and live happier lives.

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Miserable work ruins lives

The average person spends 90,000 hours - one third of their life - working. If you spend a third of your life in misery, it's unlikely the other two thirds will be joyful.

Miserable work also has a negative impact on your health and the health of people around you. People dissatisfied with their careers are more likely to:

  • experience exhaustion, burnout and stress;
  • develop diseases such as cancer, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes;
  • have children with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and ADHD.

For findings on the impact of job dissatisfaction on adult and child health, see our Resources page.

What Is Dream Lab?

Dream Lab is a self-paced online career planning and self-discovery program. 

Built around 12 core principles and a framework called The Donnellan Method, Dream Lab guides you to learn from your Past, make peace with the Present, and dream about possibilities for your Future.

As you work through the modules, you will read content and watch videos of creator Laurel Donnellan as she explains each of the Principles.

You will also complete journaling, visualizations and self-reflection exercises to apply the 12 principles and generate personal insights about your own life and career.

One client describes the program as: "A unique combination of spiritual and pragmatic. The self-discovery process is gentle, but it also helped me make real progress every week."

Do the work.
Expect epiphanies.

How it works

With this self-paced online program, you decide how quickly or slowly you want to progress to the next chapter in your career.

The course content includes reading, exercises, videos and homework, plus a half-day to one-day "Soul Adventure." In total, the course requires roughly 50 hours to complete.

Students eager for results can complete the program in one week. Others who need to balance self-discovery with existing obligations typically complete the program in 1 to 2 months. 

Practical Curriculum

Online lessons you can do at your own pace. Course modules include videos and workbooks that will lead you to personal epiphanies and real change.

Guidance From Our Founder

There are 5 videos where Laurel, our founder and CEO, will guide and support you along your journey inside the course. 

Contemplative Practice

Complete self-reflection exercises and guided visualizations to apply each of the 12 principles. These practices will allow you to make breakthroughs and move forward even in life's challenges.

Your "Soul Adventure"

Clear your calendar and go on a search for connection with yourself and higher wisdom. Seems unreasonable? The proof will be in your results.

7 Benefits of Completing Dream Lab

  1. Feel confident you explored all options for your next career chapter.
  2. Create a vision for work you'll love - whether it's a job, business idea, or cause.
  3. Define your life purpose and wake up every day excited to live your purpose. 
  4. Access tools, experts, and motivation that will help you take action  during the course.
  5. Get help building and leveraging your career network.
  6. Finish the course with a step-by-step, time-bound action plan for how to make your new vision a reality.
  7. Quiet the voice in your head saying you're meant to do something more with your life.

Hear what successful students say:

"Amazing. The program helped me find a career I often talked about but never seriously considered."

Katherine left a 30-year career in digital media. Her passion for ceramics led to her opening a unique home furnishings store selling items handcrafted by local artists.


Dan Guerra, Psy.D.
Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, World Traveler

“I was grateful the program helped me develop a clear vision and action plan for my next work steps.”

Cara Costella
Director, MBA Alumni Career Management
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

“The interactive virtual workshop helped Wharton Women’s Circles alumnae leaders facilitate remarkable conversations about purpose. Grounded in research, the approach provides practical tools for groundbreaking results.”

Alastair Onglingswan, Esq.
Co-Founder of GreenSoul Shoes

"I was busy but I lacked purpose and a clear path for where I wanted to go. The way the program is designed – looking at your past, your present, your future – is so beautiful. This... program got me focused on my dreams."

"I didn't feel qualified to call myself an artist until completing this program."

Artist Kent C Weakley discovered Dream Lab after struggling to figure out his career purpose. After going through Dream Lab, he discovered his true passion for art and design.


Dream Lab alumni have a clear vision and plans for their next career chapter

After completing the program, students were twice as likely to have a clear vision and plan for their next career chapter and to feel they were creating work they love.

Dream Lab participants answered the following questions, on a scale of Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree, before and after learning The Donnellan Method for finding soul work:

  • My vision for my next career chapter is clear. 
  • I have an organized plan for making my career vision a reality.
  • I am satisfied with the amount of productivity I have in creating work I love. 

Dream Lab Pricing Options

From independent journey to guided exploration, pick the Dream Lab option that best serves your career needs.

Dream Lab Self-Paced

$497 USD

Top features

  • An online course featuring the 12 Principles of The Donnellan Method
  • Downloadable worksheets and exercises you can use now and in the future to guide your career planning.
  • Your “Pivot Type” profile and Purpose Reality Check assessment.
  • 12 guided visualizations you can use any time to find calm, focus and balance on your career path.
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the online content - so you can revisit the exercises if you need career support in the future.
  • Five videos with our founder so she can personally guide you through the process.
Start Today!

Dream Lab Guided - Start Today!

Top features

  • 14 private one-hour sessions with an expert Compassionate Leaders Circle Coach or our Founder
  • A customized and personal coaching program based on your work and life objectives
  • An online course featuring the 12 Principles of The Donnellan Method or a printed workbook, depending on your preference
  • Video overviews of each Principle
    Downloadable worksheets and exercises you can use now and in the future to guide your career planning.
  • Your “Pivot Type” profile and Purpose Reality Check assessment.
  • 12 guided visualizations you can use any time to find calm, focus and balance on your career path.
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the online content - so you can revisit the exercises if you need career support in the future.
  • Unlimited email and phone support from your coach

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"If you're open to the possibilities, it can change your life."

High school principal Manuschka M. describes feeling disenchanted with her career. Through the program, she rediscovered her passion for education, explored other career possibilities, and now finds joy running an unconventional vocational college.


"Most effective career program."

"Over the years, I've tried many career programs designed to identify your strengths. In my experience, The Donnellan Method is the most effective program for helping you identify what to do with your life. I’m now clear about my interests and have a clear sense of purpose guiding me into my next chapter."

Michael R., Former Founder & CEO, $40M home building company

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