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Love your work & lead with love.

We envision a future where every person pursues their unique "soul work" and lives a healthy, fulfilling life. Learning Labs lead to personal and professional epiphanies, unleash your potential, and equip you to lead with love and live with purpose.

Compassionate Leaders Circle has distilled decades of study, coaching, teaching, researching, and mentorship into powerful change models and learning labs to help you live with purpose and meaning. Whether you are a leader seeking training or support in your soul work, or you are seeking to find meaningful work, our learning labs guide those ready to powerfully steward their life callings.

Pivot with Purpose

Dream Lab is a proven methodology for helping individuals find their soul work.

Individuals navigate purposeful personal and career development by accessing self-knowledge and translating it to action. Now available as a self-paced, on demand course.

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Coach with Courage

A research-based program for coaches and leaders that want to facilitate effective and transformative group or private coaching sessions.

Coach Lab will help you cultivate evidence-based compassionate coaching skills.

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Featured Clients

Meet Our Founder and CEO, Laurel Donnellan


Laurel's mission is to help individuals and companies create remarkable work. She is a compassionate leadership expert with experience coaching/consulting with individuals and organizations including the University of Denver, Cornell University, Toyota, Disney, Viacom, Canyon Ranch, and the New York City Board of Education.

She has an undergraduate degree from Cornell University’s College of Business and an MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. She is a former VP of Human Resources of an global hospitality company.

Laurel is a certified organizational and leadership coach and has been trained by Stephen Covey, Julia Cameron, Ken Blanchard, and other world-class leaders. She is a certified yoga teacher and studied dream therapy and sacred ceremonies of indigenous cultures related to personal development and rites of passage.

Over 25 years ago, she launched her own business and has developed transformational programs that build careers and organizations from the inside out. Laurel currently hosts the Compassionate Leaders Circle Podcast and writes about inspiring leaders for