Laurel Donnellan, Founder & CEO

I was raised to believe anyone could find a calling and companies could provide a healthy work environment where people could change the world and reach their potential. 

This simple idea still drives me and my team at Compassionate Leaders Circle. After being a manager, executive, and change consultant, I launched my own company over 20 years ago where I have developed transformational programs that build careers and organizations from the inside out. 

We guide professionals to remarkable work and company leaders to creating a more compassionate culture.

Why Compassion?

Companies with purpose and corporate social responsibility outperform S&P 500 peers by 8 times.

88% of millennials look for employers with corporate social responsibility values.

- The Rise of Social Enterprise, Deloitte 2018

Compassion positively impacts productivity, employee and customer retention, profitability, and financial performance.

Compassion supports strategic advantage in innovation, service quality, collaboration, retaining talented people, employee and customer engagement, and adaptability to change.

- Awakening Compassion at Work: The Quiet Power that Elevates People and Organizations by Monica C. Worline and Jane E. Dutton, 2017

Meet Our Team

Laurel Donnellan

Founder and CEO

Anthea Rowe

Chief Marketing Officer

Darryl Brown

 Podcast Cohost and Strategist 

Kelly Dwyer

Director of Learning

Tracy Goodsel

Director of Operations/Senior Faculty

Shamis Pitts

 Senior Faculty

Derek Hansen

Senior Faculty

Jaye Smith

Senior Faculty

Karen Radtke

 Senior Faculty

Elizabeth Moran

Senior Faculty

Nancy Johnston

Senior Faculty

Andrea Shaw

Senior Faculty

Ali McWalters

Content and Creative Manager

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Why Compassionate Leaders Circle?

Our proven programs are:



Approaches career and culture with thought leadership, innovative learning techniques, and fun


Addresses personal and professional challenges and goals


Blends evidence-based curriculum, coaching, and contemplative practices


Supports professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, and companies of all sizes and stages


Accommodates clients' technology and communication preferences, learning styles, and more

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