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Purpose Celebration

We are having an event to celebrate the 39 high school students from nine countries (outside of the US)  who participated in our inaugural Compassionate Leadership Program for future leaders. 
This program is a compassionate collaboration with Learn with Leaders an international education disruptor based in India.
This program will be recorded and be published as an episode of the Compassionate Leaders Circle Podcast.

Friday, Dec 3rd

Please join us from 8:30 am to 9:30 am ET to:
  • Meet the founders of Compassionate Leaders Circle and Learn with Leaders to hear about this unique endeavor
  • Meet all the participants who will share their purpose and final project titles
  • Get a preview of the children's books they co-created as a series called Lessons for Future Leaders that will be available on Amazon in 2021
  • Listen to six of the students, selected by their peers to represent the class and present their final projects
  • Learn more about our programs and how you can participate
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Path to Remarkable Work

Identified a new vision for purposeful work that fits your talent, personality, and value. This eight-week program helps high school students envision their dream careers. Based on the Donnellan Method's 12 principles, this program guides students to identify their passions, define their core values, imagine possible careers, and start taking steps toward their ideal future. Participants will be introduced to the unique change models and methods that will enable them to craft and envision their own dream careers or dream world.

Friday, Jan 21st

Program modules include live coaching, a proven curriculum, and contemplative practices designed to help you do what you were born to do.

Our proven approach has been in practice for over 24 years and will help you make real progress by improving your clarity and confidence so you can take practical actions.

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Starting Feb 22nd

Ready to find your purpose?

In this empowering, interactive, online course, Laurel Donnellan guides you through 12 principles to create a vision for your future and build a plan for pursuing remarkable work. 

It's time to move from "just a job" to work you love. 

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