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53: Instilling Corporate Values with Digimarc

In this episode, we interview Riley McCormack, President and CEO of Digimarc. Digimarc is leading the charge in digital watermarking and cloud-based product data. Part of what drives this incredible company is its incredible culture.

When it started out, Digimarc had over 50 to 60 corporate values. Riley found this to be hectic and unrealistic, so he leveraged his employees to help him narrow it down into three: collaborative, curious, and courageous. Collaborative—the company works well together and with all of its stakeholders. Curious—everyone asks the question “why?” at least a couple of times a day. Courageous—take responsibility to deliver what the company says it’s going to deliver.

To help guide the company’s employees as they embody these values, Riley has four principles:

1. Give employees cool things to do

2. Give employees the knowledge that they’re applying that technology to change the world

3. Surround employees with good, smart human beings

4. Recognize that employees are human

Learn more about Riley and Digimarc by listening to the full episode.