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56: Meet Laurel: Chapter 1

Join us for a beautiful journey into Laurel's life as she shares pivotal moments that shaped her into the compassionate leader she is today. In this special series, the podcast delves into personal narratives that illuminate the essence of leadership through compassion.

In this first chapter, Laurel unfolds her path, beginning with the transformative inspiration that led her to Cornell University's School of Hospitality. She reflects on how this experience sparked her passion for nurturing others and fostering inclusive environments. However, life's journey also brought profound challenges. Laurel bravely navigates through moments of deep grief and loss, revealing how these hardships sculpted her empathy and resilience.

Through intimate storytelling, Laurel invites listeners into her world, where warmth and inspiration abound. Her tale embodies the podcast's ethos of compassionate leadership, illustrating how personal growth and understanding can shape impactful leadership. Tune in to the podcast as Laurel's narrative unfolds, offering insights and encouragement for leaders and listeners alike.