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2024 Compassionate Leaders Circle Awards

The world faces unprecedented global challenges. Compassion at work and in our communities is key to human thriving and continued progress in facing and addressing those challenges.  

Every year we honor a select group of individuals who embody compassionate leadership. This year, we honored 9 inspiring individuals from around the world.

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2024 Honorees

Comfort Dondo

Founder of Phumulani, African Women Against Violence

St. Paul, MN

Comfort Dondo is the founder of Phumulani, African Women Against Violence, based in St. Paul, MN, where 22% of immigrants are of African descent. Her nomination came from her home country of Zimbabwe. Phumalani is an organization dedicated to preventing domestic violence and sexual abuse in communities of color by providing culturally specific resources to women and girls.  Comfort’s compassionate leadership uses her own experience as a survivor to drive her beautiful global vision, and she embodies empathy, kindness, and a genuine concern for others.

Jyl Feliciano

 Global Vice President of DEI&B at Highspot

Seattle, WA

Jyl Feliciano is the Global Vice President of DEI&B at Highspot, Seattle, WA. Highspot is a sales enablement platform that drives productivity. Jyl has championed policy changes for LGBTQ and women's inclusion, secured pay transparency, and advocates for underrepresented groups. She leads seven employee resource groups and the inclusion of the Belonging Council and empowers employees to shape an equitable workplace. She tackles complex conversations, ensuring all voices are heard, even from dominant groups who often feel excluded from workplace inclusion initiatives. Currently, Jyl is at the forefront of discussions about the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the workplace.

Audree Grubesic

 Founder of Offsite Dirt Media

Savannah, GA

Audree Grubesic is the Founder of Offsite Dirt Media in Savannah, GA. Offsite Dirt Media provides events and media coverage of the offsite construction sector, focusing on showcasing innovation, sustainability, affordable housing projects, and women in construction. Audree’s vision is to collaborate with industry experts, educate on best building practices, and impact how we build, including helping women succeed in a traditionally male-dominated industry. You can get to know Audree and her fascinating industry and travel with her to worldwide events by listening to her interviews with individuals and panels on the Offsite Dirt podcast.

Devon Henry

 CEO & President of Team Henry Enterprises

Richmond, VA

Devon Henry is the CEO & President of Team Henry Enterprises in Richmond, VA. In 2023, he demonstrated extraordinary courage by taking a firm stand for his values and the well-being of his community stakeholders through his leadership in removing nearly two dozen Confederate statues across the Southern United States. He assumed a role that many found too contentious or risky, engaging directly with a deeply polarized issue at the intersection of history, race, and identity​​​​​​​​. By converting them into art and using the proceeds to support nonprofit organizations tackling societal issues linked to the oppressive ideologies these monuments once symbolized, Henry advocated for a transformative vision of community and history​​ while facing significant risk to the safety of himself, his family, and his team.

Gar Grannell

 CEO of Mohawk Global

Syracuse, NY, US

Gar Grannell is the CEO of Mohawk Global, a supply chain solutions firm headquartered in Syracuse, NY. Gar’s priority is always the good of all of his Mohawk employees. He loves all of his employees but is especially compassionate to the people on the frontlines. His leadership inspires many of his employees and makes them passionate about Mohawk's success. He demonstrates this by learning his people's names and personal information regardless of position. He understands people and how to lead in a manner that is so beautiful. Gar has reached more than Mohawk’s employees; he’s positively influenced their families. With Gar’s leadership, there is no doubt. People come first.

Laina Raveendran Greene

CEO of Angels of Impact

Singapore and Silicon Valley, CA

Laina Raveendra Greene, with a diverse background spanning law, technology, policy, and education, brings a holistic and innovative perspective to the social entrepreneurship and impact investing ecosystem. Angels of Impact was started in 2016 by Laina and a group of conscious entrepreneurs with the vital vision of ending poverty by investing in women-led, community-based, sustainable enterprises. So far, they have worked across Asia Pacific, Singapore, New Zealand, and the US.

Geoffrey Roche

 Director of Workforce Development (North America) for Siemens Healthineers

Chapel Hill area, NC, US

Geoffrey M. Roche is the Director of Workforce Development (North America), for Siemens Healthineers, an organization with 66,000 employees from over 120 nationalities dedicated to sustainable innovation that saves lives.  He is the proud son of a nurse, healthcare expert, and education enthusiast. Geoffrey has an unwavering commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in healthcare and education. Through his work, he has demonstrated a keen ability to connect with others, mentor emerging leaders, and create environments where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute to transformative solutions.

Ish Orkar

 ACLU's Deputy Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer

New York City, NY

Ish Orkar has consistently showcased a steadfast dedication to advancing equity and justice while earning a law degree and her master’s in social work. She acknowledges the inevitability of occasional workplace interactions that may inadvertently marginalize colleagues, and she advocates for sustainable solutions, emphasizing collective responsibility and growth. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), where she works, dares to create a more perfect union — beyond one person, party, or side. Their mission is to realize this promise of the United States Constitution for all and expand the reach of its guarantees. You can learn more about Ish here. 

Asia Pope

 Inaugural Director of DEI, The Buckeye Ranch

Columbus, OH

Asia Pope is the inaugural Director of DEI of The Buckeye Ranch in Columbus, OH, where the mission is the behavioral, emotional, and mental well-being of children, youth, and families throughout Central Ohio and beyond.  She has consistently demonstrated a steadfast commitment to alleviating the suffering of others and fostering inclusive environments. She makes staff feel safe when sharing challenging experiences and effectively communicates concerns to leadership. 

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