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Compassionate Leaders Circle Podcast 

For thousands of years, the sages have known that compassion is a powerful force for good. In the last two decades, compassion scholars caught up with these sages, providing an ROI to building loving communities and businesses.

This podcast features leaders who positively impact their communities and the world and can teach us about the power of compassion.

Listen in and learn to lead with love.

Ep. 4: Find A New Purpose After An Exit with Liz Elting Nov 03, 2020

Liz Elting, Founder and CEO of the Elizabeth Elting Foundation, is a force. I had the chance to meet with her and my three women business...

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Ep. 3: Turn A Side Hustle Into A Business with Lindsey Decker Oct 19, 2020

One in three Americans' employment has been affected by the pandemic and all of us are questioning our purpose as we face these unsettled times....

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Ep. 2: Create A Better World with David Corsun and The Class of 2021 Oct 16, 2020

Meet Duke Mahr, SunnyRose Eaton, Audrey Legate and Eve Anderson, winners of a one-of-a-kind pitch contest. All four are seniors at the Fritz...

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Ep. 1: Join the Togethering Movement with Darrell Jones Oct 13, 2020

Darrell Jones is a minister, coach, teacher and the General Manager of Chill, a Chicago-based wellness company providing online meditation...

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