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CLC Speakers are subject matter experts on career, health, wealth and relationships. Our experts deliver engaging workshops, grounded in compassion, that create lasting change.

Motivated by compassion for self and others, these thought leaders leverage CLC change models to help people achieve their full potential at home, at work and in the community.

What is the CLC Speaker Format?

60 or 90 minute interactive workshops

Virtual or in-person delivery

*Some workshops may have limited participant capacity

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Topics and Speakers

Elevate your event or inspire your organization with a CLC Speaker Workshop

*Customized workshops are also available

The Compassion in Objective Performance Reviews 

with Anthea Rowe

3 simple steps for employees, managers and HR to improve gender equity and spot future superstars 

Many companies want to increase the proportion of women in leadership roles. They host Employee Resource Groups (ERG's) and run training and mentorship programs for female employees. But studies from Harvard and MIT find the best tool to unlock women's potential at work is... the humble performance review.

This 90-minute workshop examines the surprising disconnect between workplace performance, perceived potential, and actual promotions. Participants will learn about "benevolent prejudice", the Pygmalion Effect, and the one word men NEVER hear in performance reviews. Employees will leave this workshop with new techniques to prove their value at work. And managers and HR teams will leave with tools to spot and promote their companies' next superstars.

Inclusion Requires Compassion

with Shamis Pitts

The critical human components of successful DEIB programs

In this interactive workshop, leadership and transformational change expert Shamis Pitts dives into critical components of any Diversity initiative: humility and curiosity.

Using Deloitte's framework for inclusive leadership, Shamis explains how leaders need to be curious about - and show compassion for - themselves and others to build a truly effective Diversity program. Participants will leave the workshop with an approach for evaluating the efficacy of their current DEIB programs, including areas for their own development as leaders. 

This workshop is designed for senior leaders accountable for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging initiatives. 

Achieve Your Goals Through Compassion 

with Dan Guerra

Simple practices to change your brain and achieve more in life!

In this interactive workshop, clinical psychologist Dr. Dan Guerra helps participants get unstuck and start making progress on their most important goals. Rethink stress, procrastination, and mental blocks with a new understanding of the relationship between your brain and your behavior. And learn the role of self-compassion in accomplishing seemingly impossible goals.

Dr. Guerra combines traditional psychology techniques with play-based exercises and improv games (don’t worry, you won’t be singled out to perform!) that let participants apply new insights and strategies in real-time. Participants will leave this session with an understanding of the relationship between their brain and goal achievement and with practical tools to help increase effectiveness in day-to-day life. 

Whether you're a parent trying to get things done, an employee required to give verbal reports at meetings or an executive struggling to separate work from play, you’ll benefit from Dan Guerra's evidence-based, practical insights – delivered with a lighthearted, compassionate approach. 

The Compassion of Letting Go

with Mark Anthony Lord

How to use forgiveness to boost your energy and live a more joyful life

In this interactive workshop, coach and minister Mark Anthony Lord explains the science and power of forgiveness to create a freer, fuller life. Mark Anthony's session will help you understand:

  • The effect of regret, blame and judgment on our brains - and what we can choose to do about it.
  • The importance of showing compassion for ourselves before attempting to forgive others.
  • How letting go of the past frees up space and energy for us to pursue what matters.

Participants will leave the workshop feeling happier and more present. They will also have a simple, practical 21-day plan for letting go and moving on.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to get unstuck, move forward, and feel happier and more present in daily life.

Compassionate Productivity

with Shamis Pitts

How to get more done without burning out

In this interactive workshop, executive coach and change expert Shamis Pitts teaches participants how to maximize their wellbeing while getting more done. 

Through personal reflection and partner work, participants will clarify their vision for success and evaluate their current to-do lists. Participants will learn how to prioritize what is most important to them and put boundaries in place to support their wellbeing. They will leave with a toolkit for managing critical priorities and feeling productive to eliminate or mitigate work and life overwhelm.

This workshop is designed for individuals struggling to get it all done and who want to play to their strengths to become more energized. 

The Sound of Compassion 

with Jaye Smith

How to increase your energy, creativity and openness with sound healing

In this experiential workshop, leadership consultant and certified sound healer Jaye Smith introduces the power of sound healing to rebalance the nervous system and calm the mind.

Using chimes, singing bowls and gongs, Jaye demonstrates how sound vibrations shift energy in our bodies to promote healing and relaxation. This science-based, non-invasive practice has been found to reduce stress, improve decision-making, and strengthen communication skills. 

Participants will leave the workshop with a deeper sense of calm, an increased sense of energy and focus, and an openness to new perspectives. Many of these effects will extend long after the workshop has ended.

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